Flash Fiction: He made me do it

He made me do it is a flash fiction story about childhood.

Flash Fiction: Judgemental Much?

There isn’t much to like about Seun. He has a face that only a mother could love and a wily character to match.  Yet, he successfully breaks many hearts: luring one young girl after another into his old car.Right now, he is leaning over the said battered box car, chatting up the doe-eyed girl withContinue reading “Flash Fiction: Judgemental Much?”

Flash Fiction: Why I Changed My name

Oluwabunmi is the name my parents gave me.It’s a Yoruba name that means, God’s gift. At school, my teachers shortened my name to Bunmi even though I preferred the name Olu.That is when the teasing started.  The kids called me bum licker.  They taunted me as I sat at the lunch table, all by myself.    IContinue reading “Flash Fiction: Why I Changed My name”