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The Problem With Mama Morónfólú

Part 2 of the problem with Bayo. This letter is addressed to Morónfólú’s mum. The letter reveals a lot more turmoiul and trauma that Morónfólú
is battling because of the constant harsh words from her mother.

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Fat Shaming: A Toxic Cycle That Must STOP!

Fat shaming is a toxic cycle that needs to come to an end! In 2021 women still fat-shame each other AND it’s WRONG!

Maggie Smart

Maggie Smart: A Chemistry Degree Holder Who Writes Romance Novels

Maggie Smart has a Bachelor Degree in Chemistry, and she proudly exclaims to have never used it. Instead, she writes romance novels. Read more about her journey to becoming an author.

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Poem: Finding Myself

Poem about finding myself. Based on the belief that in life the journey to finding ourselves (self discovery) is a continual process.


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My name is Ibukunoluwa. It is a Nigerian name from the Yoruba language that means ‘Blessing of God’. My friends call me Ibs for short.

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