Just Another Writing Update – September 2023

Happy new month! And yes, I know that we are almost halfway through, but please go with it anyway. Yes. I am still writing. I never stopped. I have just not been as consistent because life has been so busy. This summer, I tried to get back into consistently writing and…

An Open Letter to Allies Of Airborne Allergy Warriors

Do you know someone who suffers from an airborne allergy? This open letter covers the numerous ways you can be a supportive ally for loved ones who happen to be allergy sufferers!

All The Things I Learned From Watching The Flash Movie

Read all about the life lessons I learned from watching the flash movie.

SEO for Bloggers: A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners

SEO for bloggers all the things you should know to get free traffic from search engines. Learn more about SEO, why its important for bloggers and how to get started.

Should Freelance Writers Worry About Being Replaced By ChatGPT?

Will ChatGPT or AI replace writers? I have attempted to answer this burning question many have been asking since the AI tool was released and everyone has been going on about how this will change the workforce in a few years time.

Writing Update: May 2023

May 2023 writing update. Catch-up with all the things I have been writing since the last update and much more.

An Open Letter To People In A Long Distance Relationship

Read an open letter to long distance lovers. If you are wondering how to stay sane in your long distance relationship give this a read.

Getting Married In Nigeria: All the Things I wish I knew beforehand

Getting married in Nigeria was an enjoyable experience. Yet there is so much I would have chganged about my attitude to wedding planning. Here are all the things I wish i told my pre married self as I was planning the wedding.

September 2022: Writing Update

Learn about all the things I wrote and published over the summer and all the things I’ll post soon.

Some Thoughts On Love

Ever wondered what love is all about? I have shared some of my thoughts about love and what it really means. Read more to find out.


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