Getting Married In Nigeria: All the Things I wish I knew beforehand

Getting married in Nigeria was an enjoyable experience. Yet there is so much I would have chganged about my attitude to wedding planning. Here are all the things I wish i told my pre married self as I was planning the wedding.

September 2022: Writing Update

Learn about all the things I wrote and published over the summer and all the things I’ll post soon.

Some Thoughts On Love

Ever wondered what love is all about? I have shared some of my thoughts about love and what it really means. Read more to find out.

An Open Letter To People Who Are Grieving

Have you lost a loved one? You are not alone. Here are some of the things I have learned about dealing with grief.

April 2022 – Writing Update

Read more about how I am working to meet my writing goals.

Writing Update: Feb 2022

It’s been a while since I’ve shared my writing update. It’s been a busy few weeks and so here’s what I’ve been up to. Poetry Collection In July this year, I will be self-publishing my poetry collection. The special thing about this collection is I will be publishing it on my…

My Trip To Nigeria During A Pandemic

A brief recap of my trip to Nigeria during a pandemic.

Book Review: Lovers, Leavers & Keepers Written By Ola Awonubi

What is the book about? Lola Sawyer has abandoned Ladi, her Godfearing boyfriend to marry a handsome but toxic man who does everything in his power to break her spirit. After several bouts of physical and emotional abuse from her husband, Lola flees to the UK. She ends up working at…

The Problem With Mama Morónfólú

Part 2 of the problem with Bayo. This letter is addressed to Morónfólú’s mum. The letter reveals a lot more turmoiul and trauma that Morónfólú is battling because of the constant harsh words from her mother.

Fat Shaming: A Toxic Cycle That Must STOP!

Fat shaming is a toxic cycle that needs to come to an end! In 2021 women still fat-shame each other AND it’s WRONG!


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