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An Open Letter To The Empath & Highly Sensitive Person

An open letter to the deeply empathetic and highly sensitive person who cares a little more than the average person and struggles with their emotions. You are not alone.

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The International Day Of The Girl Child

Today is an international day for girls. It is a day dedicated to tackling the issues that affect girls across the world.

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Poem: Remember When

Remember when is a poem about a long distance relationship. It captures the ups and downs in relationships and the goal that many couples asipire for which is to get married.

Margaret Adetimehin

Margaret Adetimehin – Independent Author Who Writes Romance Novels With An Elegant & Realistic Twist

Margaret Adetimehin writes romance novels with an elegant yet realistic twist that will keep you turning the pages.


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My name is Ibukunoluwa. It is a Nigerian name from the Yoruba language that means ‘Blessing of God’. My friends call me Ibs for short.

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