Ibs Writes

Writing is….

…my confidant, my silent friend to which I can run to whenever I feel annoyed, upset or distraught. My jumbled thoughts take form and I find solace there.  

Written Word

‘I was looking for a haven and I found it in you.

You warmed my heart with peace when I was troubled …


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Flash Fiction

The wooden spoon has its many uses.

Grandma used it to ..

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There isn’t much to like about Ṣeun.

He has a face that only a …

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Oluwabunmi is the name my parents gave me.

It’s a yoruba name that ..

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Ayọ̀ is always daring me to do things…

I like seeing the look of …

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I stopped eating the day Dele rejected me.

Tears had become my re..


Bọ́lá’s routine appointment has been…

Working from home has ..

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A poem about numbing to avoid complex emotions.

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I wrote this poem after watching a scene from Sisters on Netflix.


A poem about a changing teenage girl and mental health

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A poem about working at a stressful organisation during the pandemic.


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