Poem: The Slap

The slap came from nowhere.
Although it started with angry words,
It didn’t have to escalate.

You see, we do this 
all the time.

Arguments about 
nothing in particular.

I am usually the one 
to back down

This time 
my pride got in the way.

A gentle word would 
have resolved the matter.

On my cheek in one 
swift movement. 


Cheek stinging.
Ears ringing.
The shame. The shame.

A crowd of people gather,
their mouths agape.
The shock. The shock. 

If only 
I had just backed down. 

I wrote this poem after watching a scene from Sisters on Netflix.

Originally posted at https://medium.com/ipoetry/the-slap-4e5e8795db6 on December 21, 2020

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