All the things that 2020 Taught Me

What a year 2020 turned out to be. It was the year I started to look inward and do the things had been putting off for a long time. So, on the last day of 2020, I am listing out all the things that 2020 taught me.

Faith is choosing to be hopeful whilst fear is the thief of joy

My Christian faith means a lot to me. It is what kept me going during the tough months during the lockdown. On the most challenging of days, I had so much anxiety, and the only thing that kept me sane was being able to pray until I had peace. Night after night, I would cry out to God to increase my faith. Having peace meant that my faith was restored and it kept me hoping that situations would just work themselves out. Eventually, they did.

Journaling is an excellent way of documenting your growth

Whenever something significant is going on in my life, I pen down my thoughts in a makeshift journal. Sometimes, I read my entries over the years, it strikes me how much I have grown as a person. During my early twenties, I was self-conscious and cared so much about what people thought about me. Now my entries are more about my faith and how I feel about myself. My journal forced me to have real conversations with myself to process things well.

Thirty is not old

I turned thirty this year, and I am not ashamed of it. Although there are some things, I thought I should have accomplished by now, I have so many firsts to look forward to, and that is exciting. Gone is the insecure girl I used to be, and here I am a woman who has so much to look forward to.

We all need friends

This year has taught me that I really need to make an effort to keep in touch those I hold near and dear to my heart. In recent months, I have built stronger bonds with friends as we tried to make sense of what was going on in the world.

Deal with your fears as soon as they come, or they will come back to haunt you

This year, I learnt the importance of dealing with my fears by confronting it head-on. Unfortunately, irrational fears are a part of adulting. For example, the old imposter syndrome rears its ugly head at work so, I deal with this by voicing it out loud and debunking these fears with positive affirmations (sometimes in front of the mirror). When I don’t have the strength to do this, I share my worries with a close friend who is the voice of reason and reassures me.

Setting boundaries is essential for your mental health

During the pandemic, when I was working from home, I had a tough time setting boundaries at work. Rushing to do everything at once without taking time for myself took a mental toll on me, and I ended up taking a whole week off work because of anxiety.

I am looking forward to what 2021 has to offer. Through the good the bad and the ugly, I will live to tell the story. Happy new year to you all!

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6 thoughts on “All the things that 2020 Taught Me

      1. Hallelujah 🥁😊. We are marching forward with God on our side 🙌🏿. I hope your new year is filled with all of God’s goodness. May you seek Him at all times. May your light shine! All that you put your mind to, may it be accomplished in Jesus name. Have a blessed 2021 💃🏿🤗

  1. Amazing lessons you learned, Ibukun.
    About the age thing, I consciously remind myself that I am not my age. God created time and seasons, and He makes all things beautiful in His time.

    I am glad we sailed through the year with beautiful blessings and lessons.
    Thank you for being an amazing part of my journey in 2020.

    Thank you for your support and collaboration.
    Happy new year to you and yours. I pray it will be a year of greater possibilities and blessings.


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