Written Word: I found me a haven

I was looking for a haven and I found it in you. You warmed my heart with peace when I was troubled. When the waves rose up against me, as if to swallow me up, I huddled closer to you and sang the song you put in my heart. I found me a haven, a haven in you.

– Ibs Writes

I wrote this one morning when I was feeling really low.

I had an issue was really weighing me down some months ago and I prayed about it.

One morning, I decided I was not going to let it get me down. One of the hymm songs that we sing at church erupted out of my mouth and I sang it out as loudly as I could.

Right there and then I knew that the issue would get resolved. I felt the need to share it because I was certain that someone out there was probably feeling the blues too.

I shared it on my status and I got few responses but nobody would know the battle that was raging on within me.

Although the issue persisted for a few more weeks, I didn’t let it get to me.

Has something like this ever happened to you? Let me know in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Written Word: I found me a haven

  1. I was recently ‘defrauded’ by someone that God used me to help in time of need. I have prayed and sought legal redress. My health deteriorated in the process because I had emptied my account and I had to take a lot of steps to prevent complete loss.
    In my time of travailing in prayers, God told me that I wasn’t defrauded but delivered, and I trust Him. Some days, I sing victory songs from my dream. God has given me assurances and I still trust Him even when it seemed the issue was getting worse at a time. I SEE VICTORY.
    I am staying strong by meditating on God’s words and resting on His promises. I do Bible plans on hope and also read a lot of faith giving articles.
    Thanks for sharing this, Ibukun.
    Be blessed and keep flaunting your faith.


    1. Wow thanks for sharing your experience. I am sorry that happened to you. In times like that God shows himself and all these hymns we sing at church really do help. This whole poem i wrote was equally inspired by a similar incident so it’s amazing that you’ve been moved by this because the very incident you’re referring to happened to me too. I am definitely in a much better place now and I rely on my faith alot more. I love how God works its amazing to witness. Take care!


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