Fictional Letter: The Problem With Morónfólú

The Problem with Moronfolu is Part 3 of the Fictional letter series of a Nigerian Mother who has a toxic- tumultuous relationship with her daughter.

The problem with Báyọ̀

A strongly worded letter from a Nigerian mother to her married daughter (Morónfólú), who has recently complained that her husband is not romantic enough. Ironically, throughout the letter, it is clear that Báyọ̀ is not the one with the problem. The letter also unveils the tumultuous and somewhat twisted relationship between mother and daughter.

Flash Fiction: Judgemental Much?

There isn’t much to like about Seun. He has a face that only a mother could love and a wily character to match.  Yet, he successfully breaks many hearts: luring one young girl after another into his old car.Right now, he is leaning over the said battered box car, chatting up the doe-eyed girl withContinue reading “Flash Fiction: Judgemental Much?”

Flash Fiction: Why I Changed My name

Oluwabunmi is the name my parents gave me.It’s a Yoruba name that means, God’s gift. At school, my teachers shortened my name to Bunmi even though I preferred the name Olu.That is when the teasing started.  The kids called me bum licker.  They taunted me as I sat at the lunch table, all by myself.    IContinue reading “Flash Fiction: Why I Changed My name”