Fictional Letter: The Problem With Morónfólú

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The Problem with Moronfolu – Fictional Letter Audio Version
The problem with Moronfolu – Fictional letter Spotify Audio version

Before reading this letter, please read part 1: The problem with Báyọ̀ and Part 2: The Problem with Mama Morónfólú.

Dear Morónfólú,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing because all my other attempts to contact you have proved futile. You know that I am the only parent you have left on this earth, and yet you have decided to cut me off simply because we have different views on how you should live your life.

These days, I am very much in distress. I have nobody to help me since you, my only child, have deserted me. I am getting old. Things are not as they used to be, and I only want to make amends with you.

I hear you have given birth from social media, and it saddens me that I was not aware of your pregnancy. Hearing about the birth of my only grandchild through Facebook broke my heart.

In fact, it was Mama Tabitha who shared the news with me. I had to pretend that I already knew about it and responded with thanks and praise to God.

As you know, I have been praying for God to give you a baby since your marriage of two years. If I remember correctly, our last argument was on the matter of you waiting to try for a baby. You were adamant that you didn’t want to discuss it and claimed I was pressuring you. Please understand that I didn’t mean to pressure you at all, so can you please forgive me?

You know we have disagreed about different issues before and always resolved them, but this has been the longest we have gone without speaking. You stopped answering my calls a year ago, and I genuinely miss you.

I earnestly pray that you and your new baby will have an even better relationship than I ever had with you.

As you can see, I am trying to be a better mother and ‘love you from afar’ as you have claimed this is the best way I can support you. However, I cannot continue to live like this. Although, my heart is shattered into many pieces, I want to meet my grandchild.

I am at your mercy, my dear daughter, so please, can I be a part of your life again.

With love,
Your Mother

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2 thoughts on “Fictional Letter: The Problem With Morónfólú

  1. Morónfólú is spoilt and ungrateful woman. I get it, your mum is really frustrating and hurtful at times. Yes she’s contributing to you having low esteem. But to cut her off for a year? Why can’t you just limit communication to once a month? But then she have a whole child and not even tell her mum but post about it on social media? How do she think she can ever make up for that? How? A mother who has raised her, paid bills over her, taken care of her, fed her? For what?
    There are people who would do anything to have their parents on their case again. I feel she is just trivialising her mum because she feeling entitled.

    1. Thanks so much Ola for reading and for your comment. I totally understand your sentiments. Yes, it was very harsh to cut her mum off for a year and for her to learn about the existence of her only grandchild from social media. I will ponder on this for the next and final letter of the series. Please look out for it. I hoping to write and record it by the end of this year.

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