My Thoughts After Watching Equalizer 3 Movie (SPOILER ALERT!)

Denzel Washington in Equalizer 3

I ended up watching this film because my husband loves watching action movies and I was determined to join. I have not watched Equalizer one or two so my thoughts may be quite unique.

Equalizer 3

Before I go any further, this blog post will have some spoilers, so if you are yet to watch the Equalizer 3, you should wait before reading further.

We arrived just as the film was starting. Denzel had once again gone on a killing spree of the bad guys. This time, he is a little older, and yet again, he uses his skill to overpower the bad guys at least half his age.

Would you call yourself a good person?

After a big fight scene – Robert McCall (played by Denzel Washington) was shot and almost died. Still, a local Italian policeman found him and took him to his town in Sicily, Italy, to a doctor who cleaned him up and nursed him back to health. No questions about the gunshot wounds were asked, as the Doctor claimed he fell. The Doctor asked him if he was a good man, and Denzel responded that he ‘didn’t know’.

Later, Denzel asked the doctor why he helped him, and the doctor responded that only a good person would react to the question, ‘Are you a good person?’ with the response, ‘I don’t know’.

Yet another American hero!

This might be an unpopular opinion, but didn’t Robert McCall (yet another American hero) take himself to another part of the world to sort out their problems – by inserting himself into it and taking matters into his own hands?

Isn’t this film just a one-sided echo of what America and many other countries do? Aren’t these kinds of films showing that these countries are doing the right thing by attempting to solve other countries’ problems?
Then, in the end, everything works out. In reality, it might make things worse for these countries in the long term.

The importance of community spirit

Some resounding themes in this movie remind me abut the importance of love and community spirit. I was amazed by how the whole town rallied around Robert McCall to rid themselves of the Italian mafia bullies. It was no wonder Robert decided this was where he wanted to come to retire and that it was his home.

Closing thoughts

Even though I don’t love action movies – I enjoyed watching this film. I loved watching the community come together to get rid of the bad guys. I also enjoyed seeing Denzel Washington in a different way. He was older and realistically so – I love that they didn’t get him doing some wild moves which would have been hard to believe. His movements were calculated and impactful in the way they needed to be.

So I ask you, have you watched Equalizer 3? What were your thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “My Thoughts After Watching Equalizer 3 Movie (SPOILER ALERT!)

  1. I’ve not watched this movie but I agree with you on the romanticism of the West ‘helping’ another country ‘solving their problems’. That resonated with me.

    1. Yeah. You are rubbing off on me. When I watched Equalizer 3 my mind went to what you say about this stuff and I couldn’t agree more.

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