Just Another Writing Update – September 2023

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Happy new month! And yes, I know that we are almost halfway through, but please go with it anyway.

Yes. I am still writing. I never stopped. I have just not been as consistent because life has been so busy.

This summer, I tried to get back into consistently writing and publishing content – even though it wasn’t ground-breaking.

My Summer of Writing

Old Content That Has Been Getting a Lot of Love Lately

I have also noticed some of the reoccurring old blog posts and open letters have been getting loads of traffic lately.

Open letter to the Teenage Girl: I wrote this two years ago with a strong conviction as it felt like I was writing to my teenage self.

Open Letter To The Empath & Highly Sensitive Person: Well this one was also written as a result of personal experiences.

Coming soon!

So I have this thing I have been trying to do for the last two years, publish my poetry collection. I am much more closer to finishing this off now – I just need to find an editor and get it done. So I promise it is coming soon.

Can you do me a favour? Do you like reading my content? If you do, I would greatly appreciate it if you left a comment about what you loved. Liking the posts is also great but please also leave a comment. It goes a long way.



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2 thoughts on “Just Another Writing Update – September 2023

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I’ll catch up on the other blog posts I haven’t read. Also, its great to know you’ve got a poetry collection coming out. I’ll be looking forward to reading them.

    1. Thanks for reading. I look forward to reading your thoughts on the other blog posts. Yes the poetry collection has been pending since last year but I am determined to get it out soon.

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