The Problem With Mama Morónfólú

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The problem with Mama Morónfólú audio podcast

Before reading this letter, please read part 1: The problem with Báyọ̀.

Dear Mama Morónfólú,

I recently stumbled across the letter you wrote to your daughter, and I had to write back. It seems like you don’t know your daughter well because the things you say about her don’t sound like the woman I married. Your daughter, Morónfólú, is the most caring, considerate, and hard-working woman I have ever met. I am truly the lucky one in our relationship.

Yes, at the start of our marriage, we struggled with romance, but I was the one who had to do most of the learning. Your daughter was always loving and romantic towards me. I appreciate the lovely things you said about me in your letter, but you painted your daughter out to be too materialistic. She is so far from this, and it’s time you know that too. With that being said, this is not the reason I am writing to you.

The truth is that when I first met your daughter, she was battling with low self-esteem, and I didn’t understand why until I met you. You criticised her every move and constantly compared her to others. For example, when it was your birthday, and she made your favourite meal, you compared it with my cooking. Of course, she will never tell you this, but that night, she cried herself to sleep.

As if that is not enough, you always make digs at Morónfólú’s weight. When we first got married, did you know that she had an eating disorder? She used to eat salad for all her meals because she feared putting on weight. That is why I will never complain about her weight gain. On the contrary, I love that she finally eats a healthy and balanced diet.

The truth is, I am writing this letter because I am concerned that your harsh words about her weight are the reason for Morónfólú’s past eating disorder. I believe your recent letter has triggered her to lapse into it again.

Do you know that she passed out at work last week because she was starving herself? Then I found your letter, and it all made sense.

Please mama, try to be nice to your daughter, and in all, you say remember that she has a very soft spot for you and desperately seeks your approval. However, her need for your approval is not healthy. That is why she is currently working that out in therapy.

So please, try to think about everything I have said. I mean no harm, and I am only saying this because I want things to change.

With Love,
Báyọ̀, your son in law



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