Fat Shaming: A Toxic Cycle That Must STOP!

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Women are the main culprits; we fat-shame each other

I am writing this article with a heavy heart. I am sick of the fat-shaming that women do to each other. It’s been going on for years, and in 2021 it’s still a thing. 

Teenage years 

I remember growing up as a teenager. I was a big-boned girl (still am). I was fat-shamed by people in my inner circle. The worst thing was that it was always coming from those closest to me. It was awful. 

When I became an adult, I started to shed the baby weight. Then, the pandemic hit, and I didn’t move around as much. So the weight has piled on again. 

Nowadays, I feel like the same teenage girl who was not confident in her own body. All over again. But now, as an adult, I will not stand for anyone to fat shame me. I am going through losing weight, and it will take a while. First, however, I need to learn to be confident in my current state even if I am 10 pounds heavier than I want to be.

The fat-shaming culture

Unfortunately, as women, we tend to pit ourselves against each other. It’s wrong and needs to stop. I have had many sessions with my friends, and we have talked about the people who have been fat-shaming us left, right and centre. It’s never pleasant. 

When I was a teenager, the adult women in my inner circle pointed out that ‘I needed to lose a few pounds. It was not a nice thing to hear. 

There are many ways to deal with an overweight child, and simply telling them that they are ‘fat and need to lose a few pounds’ does more harm than good. Practical ways of losing weight include eating a balanced diet and making exercise fun. I started incorporating these things into my daily activities when I became an adult. 

Have you been fat-shamed? 

So maybe, like me, you have put on a few pounds. You might have had to abandon some old clothes because they no longer fit. 

Perhaps you have fat-shamed yourself by declaring to your friends that you are ‘fat’ simply because you don’t want them to point it out first.

So to all the fat-shaming aunties and uncles and so-called well meaners, I leave you with this quote: 

When you judge a woman by her appearance, it doesn’t define her, it defines you.

Steve Maraboli

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