Book Review: Lovers, Leavers & Keepers Written By Ola Awonubi

Lovers, leavers and keepers by Ola Awonubi

What is the book about?

Lola Sawyer has abandoned Ladi, her Godfearing boyfriend to marry a handsome but toxic man who does everything in his power to break her spirit. After several bouts of physical and emotional abuse from her husband, Lola flees to the UK. She ends up working at the school whose headteacher is none other but Ladi, the man she jilted so long ago.

In many ways, this story is a detailed breakdown of what it means to be married to a narcissistic man with demons he refuses to address. It covers domestic violence, emotional abuse, and so much more.

What I loved

I loved how both main characters had their demons but managed to overcome them at the end. I also loved Lola, and Ladi’s Christian faith played a significant role in their lives.

What I didn’t love

Dele’s mum was introduced a bit late in the story – yet she had such an impact on him. That’s why I wish she was introduced a lot earlier as it might have helped me understand him a little bit more.

Main Themes and Issues Addressed

Throughout the novel, the reader is reminded of the importance of having a personal relationship with God. That no matter the situation, God understands. It also covered some church folk’s pretentious, somewhat judgy nature and how that can discourage new converts from coming back to church.

The author also did a thorough job of breaking down the notion that some churches encourage women to continue to suffer in their marriage while husbands can get away with maltreating their wives.

For example, the following excerpt, reveals that even the pastor’s wife doesn’t share the same views about abusive marriages with her husband.

The pastors wife was lowering her voice. “Even the best of men cannot understand what we go through as women in this country. I am against divorce, but I cannot advice any woman to stay in an abusive situation.

‘but pastor said..’

“Yes. I know what my husband said”, the woman said briskly. “He beleives all men are good husbands like him. No pastor who wans to keep his reputation intact will say anuthing but ‘stay and pray’….

Lovers, Leavers and Keepers by Ola Awonubi

This excerpt covers the notion that some churches only encourage women to be good wives to their husbands and don’t teach men to be the same.

‘I think I liked you better when you were going to church. Now you are always a kill-joy, always looking morose all over the place as if smeone is punishing you or something.’

‘Really? I can start going to church again?’

‘Why not? As long as the driver takes you, I have no problems. I am all for you learning how to be a virtuous wife. That’s what they teach you women, isn’t it?

Lola looked at her husband and nodded. Yes. That’s what they taught the women. How wonderful it must be if they could teach the men to be good husbands.

Lovers, Leavers and Keepers by Ola Awonubi

Who should read this book?

  • Anyone who loves reading Christian romance books would enjoy reading this book.
  • Anywone who loves reading african literature.


Overall, this book was an enjoyable read so I give it 4 stars.

Rating: 4 out of 5.



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