Book Review: Lovers, Leavers & Keepers Written By Ola Awonubi

What is the book about? Lola Sawyer has abandoned Ladi, her Godfearing boyfriend to marry a handsome but toxic man who does everything in his power to break her spirit. After several bouts of physical and emotional abuse from her husband, Lola flees to the UK. She ends up working at the school whose headteacherContinue reading “Book Review: Lovers, Leavers & Keepers Written By Ola Awonubi”

Interview With Iberuche Maryann – Writer, Poet and Children’s Rights Activist

Maryann is a writer, poet and children’s rights activist based in Lagos, Nigeria. She also the founder of an NGO charity organisation, Daughters of Africa. In this post, she discusses her recently published novel, Bruised Affection, her work as a content creator and more.