Poem: Remember When

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Poem: Remember When Audio
Remember when
we oceans apart, 
formed an unbreakable bond, 
one that was tried time and time again.
and what is written can never be reversed,
even through earthquakes,
shattering all in its wake.

Remember when
night after night we,
after crying ourselves a river,
discussed a seemingly bleak future,
painted visions,
with weakened resolves, 
we didn't have the confidence to claim.

oh remember, 
when we almost gave up,
just before victory 
with its rightful fierceness,
turned things around.
Remember how triumphantly 
God came through for us,
slowly at first,
almost unnoticeable,
then swiftly,
leaving no doubt,
our prayers answered.

Remember when
my hand in yours,
we took our vows,
to part no more,
your eyes glazed,
as I finally became yours, 
and you mine.

I wrote this poem and gifted it to a dear friend of mine as a wedding present. If you want to gift your wife/husband a tailor made poem about your love story, send me a message.  

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