Poem: The Happening

The Happening – Audio File
The happening takes you by surprise.
It almost shatters your soul.
You lose your appetite.
Ignore stomach rumblings,
until your stomach deflates.

You stay indoors for days on end.
A darkened room.
Blackout curtains.

One morning,
The sun streams 
through an open crack
suddenly you remember 
how being at one with nature
healed you once before.

Now outside, your legs break free
Step after step, your lungs fill with air.
Running for a better tomorrow

Soaked in tranquillity.
Pain a distant memory.

Although you know,
you will face it once again, 
when you sit down to rest
and your mind wanders
yet again 
but you tell yourself
it will be okay

You choose to live in the moment
face your battles as they come
so you let the adrelaline
pumping through your veins
give you the burst of joy
you so desperately crave 

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This was originally posted at https://medium.com/blueinsight/the-happening-a4cdebcf5735 on February 8, 2021

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