Poem: Lately

A poem about working at a stressful organisation during the pandemic.

Lately, the days blend into one long twenty-four-hour weekly stretch of nothingness.

Long hours working from home with a sense of impending doom.

Yet another impromptu zoom meeting.

Unrealistic targets. Mounting requests.

An email from the boss titled ‘URGENT’ catches your attention.

You take deep breaths whilst responding.

Your stomach rumbles.

Skipped meals. Sore eyes.

Lately, you have neglected yourself.

I wonder — are you happy?

You seem dishevelled.

Looming deadlines. No break.

A life-changing decision must be made.

No amount of money is worth this stress.

A small voice whispers.

Resign now. Do it!

Lately, you get your eight hours of sleep.

Your side hustle is now your only source of income.

You wear contentment for clothes.

Peace. Joy! 

Originally posted at https://medium.com/illumination/lately-4f28f3755d17 on January 14, 2021

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3 thoughts on “Poem: Lately

  1. This is an interesting piece, I love the way you were able to paint the journey from corporate servitude to a stress-free work-life.

    Work can be overwhelming sometimes but everyone deserves to enjoy work and not endure it.

    It’s funny though, I typed a resignation letter last year but I didn’t get to send it. I am trying to strike a beautiful balance and God is helping me.

    No one should work like an elephant and live like a haunted ant. No amount of monetary reward is worth one’s wellbeing.

    Thank you for sharing this.
    Stay blessed,



    1. Exactly! Yes. I am also in the process of leaving one workplace for another. My goal is definitely to make my side hustle a full-time gig sometime in the future. Thanks for sharing your personal experience with this too.


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