September 2022: Writing Update

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Looking back over this year where so much has happened; it is no wonder why I have not consistently posted updates about my writing journey. I got married in Nigeria at the end of July and I am still adjusting to married life. I have so much to write about in the next coming months and I am excited to share with you all the things I have been working on.

What I published this summer

  • Some thoughts about love – After some pre-marital marriage counselling sessions with my pastor, I decided to pen down some ideas about what it really means to love someone.

Upcoming blog posts to look out for

I have the following things in mind to write about over the next month or so.

  • My experience of getting married in Nigeria.
  • The importance of a strong community when going through major life changes e.g. planning a wedding/ losing a loved one.
  • Learnings from writing my poetry collection/ my writing process.

Thanks for reading my writing update. I hope to be more consistent with my writing. I always feel good when I finally hit the publish button.

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