April 2022 – Writing Update

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Dear reader,

Sorry, it’s been a while since I posted something. I have been dealing with grief since my dad passed away on the 1st of March. As you can imagine, I have not been able to do much writing, but I have been journaling as much as possible to get my thoughts and emotions out.

My poetry collection

I still have my poetry collection coming out in July, and I am committed to making sure that happens. So far, I have written 15 poems out of 32. I intend to write some more over the Easter break.

Writing about Grief

About a week after my father’s death, once the shock had started to wear off, I began to think about how I should try to keep his memory alive. He was a phenomenal man, and I learned so much from him. Therefore, I published an article on medium about my thoughts on intentionality & the brevity of life

Ideas of other articles I am working on:

Love poems as a wedding gift

Last month, I watched a dear friend of mine get married, and as a wedding gift, I wrote a personalised love poem about their love story, framed it, and sent it to their home address.

Personalised love poem as a wedding gift

In September last year, I also wrote a personalised poem for my friend who got married. I love being able to have a tangible wedding gift that encapsulates a beautiful love story.

If you’re getting married or celebrating an anniversary; I would love to provide this service to you too. Feel free to contact me if you’re interested.

Thanks for reading my update. I hope to write some more over the coming days.



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