August 2021: Writing Summary & Update

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It’s crazy to think about how quickly this month has whizzed by. And just like that its almost the end of summer.

I am still working on a few things and I have not published as much since lockdown eased but I am still committed to meeting my 2021 writing goals.

My priorities for the next few months

  • Continue editing my short story (pay for an editor).
  • Record new podcast episodes.
  • Interview creatives and new/aspiring writers.
  • Learn more about the creative writing process.
  • Publish more open letters.
  • Streamline my freelance writing process (make it more profitable).

What I have been up to

I recently interviewed an independent author who has a lot of insights to share about the self-publishing process. Timi Waters, went into detail about how she started writing, how she writes intricate stories about human emotions and vulnerabilities.

Read my Interview With Timi Waters: An Indie Author Who Writes Stories About Human Vulnerabilities & Emotions.

Going back a few weeks, I published an open letter to Nigerian parents who move abroad. In this open letter, I delved into the reasons why many Nigerian parents struggle and how they can work to adapt in a new environment and raise their children to become responsible adults.

Read my open letter to Nigerian parents who move abroad.

I will continue to write open letters because I find them to be very therapeutic to write. Most times, I write these open letters from my own personal experience.

At the end of July, I published an article which was a response to my open letter. I spoke to Chioma, a Nigerian author who had a lot to say as a result of her own traumatic experience of abuse. This article was conversational in structure and explained a lot about how one can work to heal from past traumas. Grab some tissues as you read this one – its a deep one with a happy ending.

Read more about how Chioma dealt with abusive parents & healed from past traumas.

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