Poem: Do You See

Do you see a poem
Hi Teacher,
Do you see,
that girl,
in the corner
of the classroom
looking right through you,
while the kids around her,
whisper and chatter
scrolling through,
their phones.

Do you see,
as the other kids
point hovering
over magazines
while that
girl's face
wears a tensive

See how,
her gaze remains fixed.

Then as you approach,
to ask if everything
is alright
she sits up
smiles then
looks away.

The kids around her,
still chatting excitedly,
but she would rather,
sit alone,

After class,
you call her back,
and ask,
'is everything is
okay at home'.

'Yes', she says.
It's just that,
she would rather,
spend her time,
on things that are,
true and real,
than linger on
the trvial.

You realise then
she was lost
in a trance
dreaming of things,
those around her,
would not understand.

This is a poem about a girl that is wise beyond her years. I am sure every teacher has come across a peculiar child at one point or another.

Disclaimer: This is probably the last poem I will be publishing this year because I am working on my poem collection book that I hope to publish soon.

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