2021 Writing Goals: May Update

In January I laid out some of my writing goals for 2021 in a detailed plan. One these goals was to have one or two regular paying clients, and thankfully I achieved it.

This month, I want to fine-tune my process and work on building tailored traffic to my blog.

Here are some of the things I will be focusing on:

Niching down

I am currently in the middle of niching down what kind of topic I write. I don’t want to be a master of all. I want to really showcase my digital marketing skills. I make it no secret that I love my 9-5 job as an SEO manager.

SEO and blogging go hand in hand, and just being able to have that skill is something I should take full advantage of. I will need to make sure I have made my writing niche clear on my freelance writing services page.

Writing for myself versus writing for others

I need to find a healthy balance for this. There were weeks where I didn’t even publish anything because I was too busy meeting client deadlines. So I have slowed down and I am taking the time to calibrate how to split my time between the two.

My goal for this month is to spend more time writing for my blog. I want to post at least two articles every week.

Learning from other creatives

I am going to continue with the interview series. Speaking to other creatives to get as much information about how to build a successful creative business is something I really enjoy. It also gives me a chance to showcase the ups and downs of being a creative.

Writing Communities

I am part of so many writing communities – from Instagram to Twitter and Medium. I am going to make a decision on which platform I should be spending more time on.

Short stories and Poems

I love writing my short stories and poems, and I am trying to collect these and publish them. I am working on something that will collate all of these together in one place. I may post a few poems or one short story this month.

This month however, I will be posting some open letters on some issues that are near and dear to my heart.

Helping other writers

I am learning as I go along, so I love sharing tips I learn along the way. That is why I will be posting more tutorial tip articles to help new writers who are struggling or trying to get ahead in their writing journey.

I want to do so much more, but there are only 24-hours in a day, and I am only but one person. So, I think what I have mentioned is enough for May.

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