Why I am a serial book reader

I am a serial book reader. That means I read several books in one go. I read one book in the morning or afternoon and then another before going to sleep.  I recently discovered that there are several serial book readers just like me, so I have explained the main reasons I choose to read this way.

what is a serial book reader? Ibs Writes

What is a serial book reader?

A serial book reader is a person who reads multiple books at a go.

Three main reasons I am a serial book reader

1.      There isn’t enough time in the day

There isn’t enough time in the day, and even though I find myself working from home (as a result of the pandemic), I still feel as though I only have those few hours (during lunchtime and just before going to sleep) to read.

2.      I want to explore several themes at a go

As a writer, I don’t just read for enjoyment, I read for research. For example, if I am writing a novel or flash fiction piece about relationships, I will go and seek books that are known for doing this well. Then I will make sure that I have my notepad at hand to jot down all the things I learn. 

3.      There are so many exciting books to read

I get so excited when I discover a new book.  I love picking out books from authors that been praised for writing engaging and authentic stories that can take me away from my current boring lifestyle (mainly down to not being able to travel anywhere lovely due to Covid-19).  

Are you a serial book reader?  Let me know in the comment section below. 

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6 thoughts on “Why I am a serial book reader

  1. I have always been a serial writer but I am now also a serial reader.
    I think I started reading more after a rock bottom season I went through recently.
    I read a lot now, and I can attest thAt it’s divine. The pleasure is unspeakable.

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